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City bicycle
Old and modern Vilnius2.5 hrs.18 €Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and largest city in the country includes Cathedral and the Cathedral Square, bell tower, Lithuanian Gothic nook – an ensemble of St. Anna and Bernardines' Church, Pilies street, the main pedestrian tourist area of the Old town, Presidential Palace square, an Ensemble of old Vilnius University, founded in 1579, with its famous courtyards and Church of St. John, the former Jewish quarter, the Gate of Dawn with a chapel, which houses a holy image of the Virgin Mary, reputed for miracle-working powers.
Find out Vilnius story and most visited sites on a bike! Licensed tour guide will provide you will all info and will answer to your questions about Vilnius history. This tour will help you reveal the secret of Vilnius – city with rich history and unique old town which belongs to UNESCO heritage.
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Along river Neris2.5 hrs.25 €River Neris has been the most reliable partner of Vilnius. It was the reason this city came to live, guarantee of the constant flow of merchandise and ideas, assured connection to the world. At the same time, it has kept the secrets of most tragic periods of Lithuanian history. Across six bridges, along wild and urban banks – leisure and lesson at the same time.Book a tour
Along river Vilnelė2.5 hrs.25 €River Vilnelė gave name to the city. Its strong streams, turns and bends guaranteed the protection from wrong-doers, inspired the variety of crafts and arts, preserved the natural landscapes with enchanting panoramas. The ride of physical challenge and pure inspiration. Over the hills, along narrow paths, by the views and streams – leisure and sports at the same time.Book a tour
Vilnius contrasts2.5 hrs.25 €Cycling enables to overview the historical heritage as well as the characteristic districts beyond the Old Town – all in 4 hours. The contrasts of the business center most recently built among shabby country houses, the strive for artistic freedom and overwhelming Soviet heritage of the Independent Republic of Užupis, hipster in cooperation with shady world of so called Station district. It is all so dynamic, it is all worth feeling.Book a tour
MTB (mountain bike)
Green lakes2-4 hrs.25 €In the outskirts of Vilnius there are six lakes, which you will visit during the tour. Lakes stand out from the others because of their bright green color, which is due to the high content of carbonates in groundwater. During the tour you'll not only be astonished by these extraordinary natural wonders, but you will also test yourself by driving along winding forest paths.Book a tour
Belmontas2 hrs.25 €Belmontas – it‘s a beautiful nature wonder in Pavilnių Regional Park on the outskirts of Vilnius. in the southern parts of the park you will see a flowing river Vilnia. There you can also find Belmont pond and Pūčkoriai exposure. This escarpment opens 20 thousand year-old ground layers and is considered one of the most important geological monument of Lithuania. The impressive landscape attracts hundreds of tourists to the park, so why not to use opportunity and visit everything with the bike?Book a tour
Saulėtekis2-4 hrs.25 €If You are looking for good workout with nice single tracks in the wild forest – Sauletekio tour is for You.
On the way to Sauletekio forest You will cycle along Neris river with spectacular city views.
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Ribiškės2 hrs.25 €Great workout in hilly district Ribiskiu. Short but very intesive tour , nice panoramic views .
It also possible to combine with Belmontas tour.
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Karoliniškės2-4 hrs.25 €During the tour you will visit the largest Lithuania Vingio park. The main park square and amphitheater in it fascinates in its size, and surrounding forests helps you to feel peace of mind. Also you will visit fabulous Karoliniškės park, where you will find many sculptures, symbolizing the various tales and mythological characters of Lithuania. The tour will excite the imagination and it will help you to experience the calmness of the nature - a great opportunity to relax from the daily routine.Book a tour

Rent a Bike Vilnius

Bike rent in Vilnius. Rent a bike in city center.  Comfortable city bikes and MTB mountain bikes. Helmets, locks and other optional equipment - free of charge. Bicycle rental for group (up to 25 people) trips.

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Bike Tours Vilnius

Bike Tours in Vilnius ,we offer bicycle tours and mountain bike tours around various places in Vilnius. You can choose from narrow old town streets to cross country courses and parks. All tours include a professional guide that will speak the language of your preference.

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